3 Ways to Get New Clients for Your Med Spa with Google Adwords

Are you looking for ways to get more clients for your medspa? If so, Google Adwords may be the right solution for you. Google Adwords is a powerful advertising tool that can help you reach new customers quickly and easily. In this article, we will discuss three different ways to use Google Adwords to bring in more business for your medspa. We hope that this information will help you grow your business and achieve your goals!

Why Google Adwords?

If you are a med spa, it's normal to always look for ways to get new patients. Sure, focusing on your current clients and making them stay is always good, but at some point, you need to go and find new clients.

If you are reading this article, you have spent some time reading up on different ways to get new patients for your med spa online. The good news is that there are multiple ways to do that. There are traditional marketing methods and digital ones.

Depending on how much time you have spent on your research, you might have read about SEO, social media, and Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is a powerful advertising tool that allows businesses to create ads that will appear on Google search results pages. When someone clicks on one of your ads, they will be taken to your website or to a page where you can collect their contact information. Google Adwords is a great way to reach new customers quickly and easily.

If you have used Google to search for different things, you might have noticed that the first few results usually don't look like regular ones. That's because those are ads.

Why use Google Adwords? As you can see in the image above, all the ads come up before the regular search results. Your goal is to be the first thing people see when searching for a service online.

But don't let us convince you. Let's see some data surrounding Google Adwords and ads in general.

There are a ton more statistics out there, but that should be enough to tide you over.

Simply put, Google Adwords works - if you do it right.

That's the catch right there. Many businesses do Google Ads, but not everybody finds success in it for multiple reasons. That's why we are here to provide you with a couple of ways you can get new clients for your practice with the help of Google Adwords. If they sound a bit foreign to you, don't worry. Google Adwords has a bit of a learning curve, so it may not be straightforward at first.

3 Different Ways to Gain New Clients for Your Medspa With Google Adwords

As mentioned above, there are different ways to do ads on Google. There's no magic formula that will work with every business, so you need to learn to do trial and error to find something that will work.

Here are three different ways/techniques you can use to gain new clients for your medical spa.

Create Promotions and Limited Sales Offers

People love promotions. It's one of the oldest ways of getting new clients. Creating new user promotions and incorporating them into your ads is a surefire way to get people to click on them. You can create an advertisement for first-time buyers or do something like a percentage of the total purchase. The possibilities are endless. You need to be creative with it and make sure that your offer is good enough to get people to click on your ad.

Answer Their Questions

One of the things that most marketers forget to target online is people who ask questions. In the medical spa industry, many prospective customers have questions that need to be answered, and they usually go to Google for answers. If you can fashion your ads to target those questions and provide solutions, you are more likely to get them as clients.

Do note that most marketers will frown upon this idea, and for a good reason. Not everybody who asks questions is there to buy something. So prioritize the content of your landing page, make sure they get value from it, then you throw in your pitch. You should also customize your landing page to answer the visitor's questions while providing them a way to enter your sales funnel.

Use Remarketing

People are more likely to buy from businesses that they have encountered recently. If they have reached your site from a Google search or checked out the link to your site from your Facebook or Instagram, you can still target them using remarketing.

Remarketing is a feature that allows you to show specific ads to people who have interacted with your medical spa brand in the past. Remarketing ensures that the people who see your ad already know who you are and what you do. This is perfect for prospective first-time clients as they may shop around first for options. But if you do remarketing right, you'll always be in front of them.

Do note that remarketing ads will be slightly different from your regular ads, so don't mistake just throwing your regular ads for remarketing. Doing so will only cause your costs to go higher with no returns.

Google Adwords For Med Spas

If you think Google Adwords can help your med spa get new clients but is not confident you can go through learning all of it, then you don't have to worry. Med Spa Marketing specializes in creating and managing robust paid ad marketing plans for medical spas. Med Spa Marketing takes away the complexity of paid ads so you can focus on what you do best - delivering quality services to all your customers.

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