The Importance of Using Scripts for your Med Spa's Google Adwords Campaign

Do you use scripts for your med spa's Google Adwords campaigns?


Don't even know what scripts are?

Don't worry. You are not alone. In fact, we can't count how many med spas we have encountered that have run campaigns worth tens of thousands of dollars and not use scripts.

So you might be asking, "If they've run their campaigns with no issues without scripts then why bother?"

To answer that question, we've listed down the top reasons your med spa Google Adwords campaign can be better with the help of scripts. But first, let's talk about Google Adwords scripts.

What Are Google Adwords Scripts?

To simplify, Google Adword scripts are pieces of code that will help you automate specific processes in and around Google advertising. This frequently results in users reporting more profitable campaigns without wasting time on tedious tasks.

Imagine if, as a medical spa owner/manager, you have tiny little helpers who update your calendar or set appointments for you. Scripts help you finish up the small, tedious tasks so you won't have to worry about them.

How Hard Is It to Use Google Adword Scripts?

If you are not that confident with your tech knowledge, you may hesitate to use Adword scripts. After all, they are pieces of code, so you may need a lot of technical know-how to use them, right?

The good news is that Google Adword Scripts are not exactly rocket science. Any medspa manager or owner can learn it quickly, and it does not require much effort to master. While it does take time to understand what each script is for, it's all copy and paste.

Where Can I Get Google Adwords Scripts for My Med Spa?

If they are lines of codes, does that mean you have to go and write them from scratch? No, not really. We recommend doing a quick Google search to look for relevant scripts for your campaigns. 

Once you see a script you think you might be able to use, you can go and copy and paste it into your ad account. There are many guides out there on how you can install and run Google Adword scripts out there that are very newbie-friendly.

Benefits of Scripts for Your Med Spa Adwords Campaigns

Let's be clear here. There are a lot of Adword campaigns out there that run without scripts. Your medspa Google Adwords campaigns can exist and do well without scripts.

With that said, it does not diminish the many benefits that scripts bring to any campaign. Let's list them all down.

They Help in Automating Tedious PPC Tasks.

Several mind-numbing PPC tasks can be automated with the help of scripts.

Tasks like fixing capitalization mistakes in the ad copy, adding negative keywords in your campaigns, or filtering through search term reports. These are the "easier" tasks in your campaigns that can be tedious. While all these tasks are not exactly complex, the amount of focus and attention needed to do them correctly can be mind-numbing. Not to mention repetitive.

Just imagine not having to do all of these tasks. With a straightforward script, you can make all of these go away, and all you have to do is double-check.

Improves the Performance of Your Account

If you want to min-max your Adwords campaign, you have to watch over it incessantly.

It would be best if you searched for a cheap keyword with a reasonable or higher conversion rate so you can increase your bid on that one. This is because you need to optimize it at all times. You also need to review your keywords to see if there are non-converting and expensive keywords so you can get rid of them.

All of these things are done so you can maximize your ad budget.

You probably have a team meeting in 5 minutes, and after that, a get-together with suppliers. But in reality, you can't do this, especially if you have a medical spa to run. With many things on your to-do list, it will be hard for you to check on your campaign to optimize them constantly.

Honestly, the list can go on. But you can always use scripts. Specific scripts will allow you to automate increasing bids on cheap and high converting keywords, discovering keywords with poor performance, and stopping ads from showing for irrelevant terms.

Reduces Wasted Ad Budget

When a prospective client clicks on an ad for a product or limited-time service, and it is out of stock, you still pay for that click, but you don't get any revenue. This is the same as sending traffic to broken links through your Adwords campaign.

Typically, you pause the campaign if you see that they are sending traffic to broken links or out-of-stock products. But like what we mentioned above, it will be hard to monitor your campaign 24/7 as a medspa manager or owner.

Just imagine if you can stop wasting money on these clicks.

Well, stop imagining and use scripts. Some scripts disable ads when your website is down, if your products are out of stock, or if the link is broken.

Importance of Scripts for Medspa Google Adwords Campaigns

With all the benefits mentioned above, one can see how important it is to learn how to use scripts for your campaigns. While it is true that you can run campaigns without scripts, there will come the point when you need them to make the whole campaign easier and more painless.

Look at it this way, if spending one whole day learning scripts will allow you to be more efficient in all your campaigns moving forward, then every second will be worth it. So just to review, here are a few of the scripts mentioned throughout this article.

Professional Adword Campaigns for Medical Spas

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