How To Navigate the Slow Seasons for Med Spas

There are a couple of realities med spa owners have to settle with. One of which is the fact that the medical spa industry has high and low seasons throughout the year. If your med spa is focused on the high seasons, then you are bound for failure. As a business, you should also learn to navigate your way through the slow season.

In this article, we'll outline what you can do to help guide your med spa business out of the doldrums and back into clear waters.

Understanding the Industry

Before we start talking about the marketing strategies you can employ when cash flow is slow, let's first talk about the high and low seasons in the industry.

All med spa managers and owners know that business is always good right around the holiday season as people prepare to attend different parties and gatherings. Due to this increase in social activity, people get more conscious of how they look, so they will book appointments right before the season starts.

When spring and summer hits, services like hair removal become popular primarily because of the clothing worn by people during the season.

While there are identifiable "good seasons" for the industry, there are weeks and months when no new customer comes in. Bookings become sparse and far between. During 2020-2021 things become much worse for many medical spas as the industry has seen a steep traffic decline.

However, medical spas are not going out without a fight. There are a couple of marketing strategies that you can plan out to help your med spa survive the slow season. Let's start planning!


Med Spa Marketing Strategies for Slow Seasons

Email Marketing

We know that email marketing, at this point, is something you have heard being said over and over. There’s a reason for that, though. Email marketing is still the most straightforward and affordable marketing option for you out there. You can do it for free, and it can reach many people with minimal effort. However, it's not a sure thing, as some people don't like to read their emails. But it's a rapid-fire solution that can probably give you a few leads with very little capital.

Get to Know Your Competitors

A lot of businesses make the mistake of not researching their competitors. We say it's a mistake because we believe if other people are doing something right, then it is an opportunity for you to do it better. Looking at the older, more seasoned med spas for pointers on how to survive the slow seasons is golden for a new business that is currently struggling. Note that you still need to approach all their tactics with caution as they may not apply to your business. However, it can be a good way for you to come up with new ideas for marketing.

Capitalize on Your Online Pages

What better time to spend on Tiktok, Instagram, or Facebook than when there are no customers, right? Well, not to browse and waste time but to find ways to use social media to gain new clients. A med spa should have a Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter account so you can reach the maximum number of prospective clients. If you worry about what content to post, you can repurpose content you've posted on one platform to another. You should also consider making partnerships and collaborations with other social media pages/personalities to extend your reach even more.

Get in Touch With The Community

Another way for you to reach out to prospective clients is to get involved with your local community. Joining small fairs, pop-ups, and similar activities can help you get new customers through word-of-mouth. Also, once you become a familiar face in the community, people are more likely to trust and be loyal to your brand as they see you as an ally to the community.

Get a Website

If you don't have a website, this is the perfect time to get one. Sure, it might mean having to dip your hands on your funds, but the returns will be worth it. By investing in a website, you are opening up different opportunities for growth for your medical spa. It also makes it much easier to find online for prospective customers.

Get Professional Med Spa Marketing Help

Before you say something about how this is just another expense, you should first understand that, as a business, there are times when you need to spend money to get money. That's just how it is. That said, getting a professional med spa marketing partner will be one of the best things you can spend money on as a business.

When you work with a medical spa marketing agency, you get a team of experienced individuals ready to help you get more prospective customers. You also bring years of experience in helping med spas navigate through slow seasons. More often than not, med spa marketing agencies already have strategies and plans to help a struggling business.

For starters, a med spa marketing agency can introduce various channels for your business to reach customers. From creating ads, improving your social media presence, focusing on your SEO, and preparing marketing emails, a med spa marketing agency takes all the suggestions we have given so far to overdrive.

Just imagine this, instead of just having a website that looks beautiful, a medical spa marketing agency can build upon that to make sure that it appears on the search engines for the right keywords. Or maybe instead of managing a social media account that nobody even cares about, a good marketing team can help you create viral-worthy content that will ensure you reach the most people in your community possible.

Work With the Best MedSpa Marketing Agency

If you think your medical spa is not ready to navigate through the slow seasons and might need some help, reach out to and schedule a consultation. The team behind can help you identify opportunities and create strategies so your business can weather the storm. Call us at 1-855-619-1504 today and let the best medspa marketing agency take you and your business to the next level.