Chatbots are becoming more mainstream, is your Med Spa ready?

Your Med Spas ability to succeed in digital marketing often comes down to your ability to execute on tried and tested tactics, as well as the latest trends.

Currently, you might feel as though you (or your marketing company) are doing a good job when it comes to tried and tested tactics, but you may feel as though you’ve hit a plateau. If that’s the case, you might be interested in learning about the latest digital marketing trends so that you can update your digital med spa marketing strategy.

Let’s get into it!


It’s fair to say that chatbots have been around for a while, but they’re now becoming more mainstream. In fact, within the past month, you’ve probably encountered at least one website that has a chatbot.

The chatbot market is expected to grow from $2.6 billion in 2019 to $9.4 billion in 2024. This growth in the chatbot market is related to people’s increased willingness to use chatbots for a variety of needs.

Data shows that over 37% of people would be willing to use a chatbot to get a quick answer in an emergency. WOW

Chatbots are often used in a customer service context, and they can help existing, and potential customers deal with issues quickly.

This is especially helpful when you consider that 33% of Americans would switch companies due to poor customer service. Additionally, because chatbots can automate certain customer service tasks, they can free up your team so that they can focus on other things.

One of the brilliant things about chatbots is that they allow you to generate a greater number of customers from your website. For instance, if someone visits your med spa website, they might be interested in learning more about a particular procedure. Traditionally, this person might have to scroll through ‘services section’ or FAQ pages, or they might also need to contact the front desk, and they’d then have to wait for a reply to their email.

Well, if your website has a chatbot, people can just interact with the chatbot to instantly get the answers they need. If someone is in the consideration or decision stage of the buyer’s journey, this interaction could be the difference between them scheduling with you instead of a competitor.

Chatbots can also be a brilliant way to generate referrals for your med spa.

This is all possible because during a chatbot conversation you can ask for certain kinds of customer information. This then means that you can follow-up with someone after they’ve interacted with your chatbot. Because you have lots of relevant information on a customer, you may also be able to achieve greater conversion rates in regards to closing these leads.

Another good thing about chatbots is that you can set them up so that a ‘real’ customer service representative eventually joins the chat.

This can lead to more appointments as the customer service representative might be able to ‘close’ this person via the chat after the chatbot has done most of the heavy lifting.

If you are interested in chatbots for your med spa, give us a call.