Running A PPC Campaign For Your Med Spa: The Path To A Successful Launch

Launching a new brand with PPC or paid advertising campaign for a local business isn’t easy… for a med spa, it is even harder.

In a pay-to-play arena such as pay-per-click, it’s important that you don’t spend too much time working through the learning curve in order to avoid budget burn and maximize your profits/returns as fast as possible.

But, of course, in an industry built on perfection and expected results, launching your campaign(s) and immediately seeing success isn’t always the case.

If only there were a way to instantly start off on the right foot…

As a Senior Paid Specialist here at I’ve worked with dozens of spas in their first year of business as well as some of the largest groups. It’s with all that experience, that I’ve cracked the code.

As the digital advertising world expands to new platforms our strategy can’t only be to bid on broad match or phrase match keywords and run search ads on various search engines such as Google Adwords or Bing Ads. We need to be more creative and reach the customer on a multitude of platforms especially when launching a new PPC brand. So, let me take you through my quick path to scaling a brand from scratch…

Doing Your Brand Homework

When entering the digital marketing world, one of the most important factors in driving success starts with the brand image. When most people think of brand image they think of it as a logo. But it’s more than that.

Brand image is the potential consumers’ perception of the product.

Create A Strategy BEFORE You Launch

Too many med spas to count have come to us with the assumption that slapping together a marketing strategy consisting of a branded, non-branded, and remarketing campaign trio will instantly bring in leads and appointments for a new procedure or service.

That might work for another company that promotes a well known service, but for med spas, that’s not always the case. Its important you have content that educated prospects through the funnel and has a proper call to action aligned with your treatments.

Don’t Shortcut Asses Creation

Stock images are the easy route…

With each part of the funnel being so unique and carrying with it a different user mindset, you need to create different campaigns, with a war chest of ads.

For each stage of the funnel, it’s important to have a different offer or ad copy message. For a lead generation business, having offers such as a free trial, brochure download, free webinar, guide, information kit, or a whitepaper can help nurture leads down the funnel.

If you are interested in PPC for your med spa, give us a call.